Service Guarantees

It’s hard enough coping with the uncertainty of a legal matter without having to worry about when or how to reach your lawyer. At Dangerfield Exley Lawyers, we’re always available.

Our KEY promises to you

No more frustrations with finance transactions
When you choose our legal team and referred finance experts, you receive our commitment on the following service guarantees.


1. You receive the BEST

possible deal
Our referred finance experts guarantee you the best finance package for your specific needs. They’ll beat any deal you already have or may be considering from an independent source.

How do they do it?

First-class in-house finance expertise
Superior negotiation skills
Access to all the major banks and lenders
A strong internal banking network

2. You receive unlimited access

We guarantee unlimited access to our legal and refered finance team until you’re 100% satisfied. What’s included?

Every phone call
Every email
Every meeting

3. You’ll meet all contractual deadlines

With our advice and support, you’ll meet all contractual deadlines. And this is what you will avoid:

Unnecessary penalties
Avoidable delays
Costly duplications

4. You’ll enjoy the best long-term results

We guarantee you a better outcome over the long term. How do we do it?

We get it right from the start
We apply utmost attention to detail
We employ a holistic, bundled approach

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If you’re looking for approachable, energetic lawyers who do business with a refreshing approach, call Dangerfield Exley Lawyers in Melbourne on 13 20 33.

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