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DE Finance Option

Fast pre-approvals and smart refinancing

Introducing Dangerfield Exley’s Finance Option

Whether you’re buying your first home, looking to refinance or wanting to purchase an investment property, DE can help. Operating within the same building and working alongside DE Lawyers, our referred finance experts will work hard to recommend the right loan, improve your finance position and save you money. They’ll work hard to get you the best result we can and to secure you pre-approval with minimum fuss. We’ll also ensure you are provided all contact details for our referred finance experts so you may conduct your our independent due diligence investigations for peace of mind, prior to choosing their services, given it will always be your ultimate decision as to whether you choose their services and assistance.

We’ll watch over the bank for you

Our collaborative team of legal and referred finance experts approach your new loan or refinance transaction holistically. In partnership with our referred finance team, we can help ensure:.

  • you choose the correct purchasing entity before you sign your contract
  • all financial benefits are legally attainable
  • your mortgage documents are in perfect order before final certification
  • your legal documents and mortgage documents are in sync
  • your loan is legally compliant
  • all your contractual deadlines are met
  • you incur no unnecessary penalties.

A more complete finance service

Here’s what you else receive when you choose our referred finance experts:

  • Access to all the top lenders and products specific to your circumstances
  • The industry’s most competitive rates
  • Access to new loans as soon as they’re available
  • Fixed interest rate advice – pros and cons and how to get the timing right
  • Flexible loan terms with no penalties or additional fees
  • Regular reassessment of your loan set-up
  • A comprehensive assessment of your insurance structure
  • Specific SMSF expertise if relevant to your situation
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