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Annabelle Yap- DE Lawyer.

“I enjoy working as a lawyer because it gives me a unique position to be able to help people with their problems. The work is intellectually stimulating and allows me to be a problem-solver, an analyst, an innovative thinker and a team player. I love helping a client solve a complex problem or achieve success; it’s one of the most gratifying experiences.  I enjoy working with a dynamic team who are commercially pragmatic and focus on achieving the best results. Being a lawyer also allows me to rub shoulders with business leaders, sports figures and property developers which gives me a deeper insight into their world.” – Annabelle Yap

Angela Catanzariti – DE Senior Lawyer.

“I pursued law because I wanted to make a meaningful mark on people’s lives. I obtain great satisfaction in assisting my clients to navigate complex legal matters and to reach a successful outcome. This job, and in fact this industry, has allowed me to foster good self-management skills. I am productive and engaged in my work because I can balance the demands of my role with the needs of my family by ensuring I am always organised yet flexible. This work/life balance is possible by having a good foundation of support systems both in the office and at home.” – Angela Catanzariti 

Simon Exley – DE Partner.

“I’m in the office most of the day so I make time to stay reasonably fit. I go for a run or to the gym most days. It keeps me focused for what’s ahead.  I like working with people and helping them overcome adversity.  I enjoy working with a tight knit team of professionals, who strive for constant improvement, both personally and professionally, and most importantly who are also both; good people and believe in the refreshing way we help our clients to overcome their issues to get results.” – Simon Exley

Steven Dangerfield – DE Partner.

“I have always been a good communicator and enjoy debating issues until they boil down to a crystallised reality. My job gives me true insight into people’s lives and motivations, and I enjoy the intrigue and competition of legal process. Swimming allows me to detach from subjective thought (work) which enables perspective thought to override the emotions of the day.” – Steven Dangerfield

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