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Integrity Partners

Why it’s a smart idea to call us first

Are you looking for a reliable service provider within the property, commercial, financial or insurance sector?

With so many accountants, financial advisors and real estate agents out there, how can you know who to trust? Before proceeding with any property or commercial transaction, call Steven or Simon from Dangerfield Exley Lawyers. We will work hard to understand your situation and match you with the right professionals.

If you’re looking for reputable professionals in accountancy, insurance, real estate, buyers advocacy, financial planning or business broking then we can help you. Be re-assured. We do our due diligence because we know whoever we endorse reflects directly on our reputation.

How we select our Integrity Partners

We choose and review potential integrity partners based on the following criteria:

  • Longevity of service and reputation – especially during difficult economic times
  • Industry-recognised accreditation within their field
  • Demonstrated expertise in creating tailored solutions for clients
  • Evidence of industry awards, professional standards and community service
  • The ultimate test: ‘Would we recommend this provider to our own family and friends?’

Service providers we recommend

We recommend reputable businesses and professionals within the following sectors:

  • accountancy
  • insurance
  • real estate
  • building
  • financial planning
  • buyers advocacy
  • business broking

Contact DE Lawyers

If you’re looking for approachable, energetic lawyers who do business with a refreshing approach, call Dangerfield Exley Lawyers in Melbourne on 13 20 33.

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