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3 legal tips in a rising property market

10 June 2015

  1. What are the costs of your defects? Don’t purchase a rotten apple or lemon! When drafting a building inspection special condition, make sure you are fully informed of, and understand the legal difference between ‘defects’, ‘structural defects’ or ‘major structural defects’ AND most importantly, how not understanding this difference and getting the wrong special condition drafted into your contract could cost you thousands of dollars.
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Caveats – do they work and how they can work for you?

16 May 2015

There may come a time when you will need to take steps to protect your interest over property. It is not possible to simply lodge a caveat over a property. An interest in the land must be established. The question of whether someone has an interest in land is not always straight-forward and one which legal advice should be sought on before lodging a caveat over property. Here is a brief synopsis of the effect and operation of a caveat:


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“Have you got debtors? If so, we have solutions…”

15 May 2015

As any business owner knows and has experienced, the process of recovering debts can be convoluted, time-consuming and expensive. At Dangerfield Exley Lawyers, we have extensive experience in debt recovery and have assisted countless clients in successfully recovering monies owing, thereby allowing them to finalise outstanding accounts with minimal fuss and delay. If you have debtors not paying or co-operating, consider the options below.

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Are your legal rights protected as a property buyer?

15 April 2015

At Dangerfield Exley Lawyers, we can give you the peace of mind you deserve with common-sense legal advice.

Here are just some of the areas we can help you with.



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Don’t be so demanding! Guidelines to letters of demand

10 April 2015

Are you owed money from a debtor or have you recently received a letter of demand? Here is a brief overview of what is involved in and required when preparing a letter of demand:

What is a letter of demand?
A letter of demand is sent to a person or an organisation who owes money (a debtor) following the supply of goods or services. The letters informs the debt of the outstanding amount and warns that court action will occur to recover the debt if it is not paid within a certain timeframe.

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Update on recent SMSF investment issues

15 March 2015

As we always to to reiterate, if your clients act on incorrect legal advice when purchasing a property through their SMSF, they could be faced with:

  • lost tax benefits
  • reduced retirement savings
  • double stamp duty payments.
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Avoiding the courtroom is easier than you think

17 February 2015

Do you need legal advice for a property or commercial dispute? Are you seeking payment of a debt? Could you be facing costly and uncertain court proceedings?


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Attention vendors: is your sale on shaky ground?

10 December 2014

Are you aware of the recent changes within the Sale of Land Amendment Act 2014? If not, your sales documentation may not be compliant – and your campaign could be on shaky ground.


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Attention property buyers: you now have more legal rights

10 December 2014

With interest rates at a record low, you’re probably eager to purchase that dream home or investment property. But remember: when it comes to big financial decisions, it’s critical to stay informed – and to be fully abreast of your legal rights.



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3 simple reasons to turn to DE Finance for your next loan

10 December 2014

If you’re planning on buying or selling property in the New Year, chances are you’re starting to consider where you will turn for finance. But if you intend to engage a regular broker or private banker, keep reading. Because the team at DE Finance can offer so much more!


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