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Help, I’m a commercial landlord stuck with abandoned goods!

10 November 2017

A commercial landlord recently contacted us for help after his tenants left him with abandoned goods; saying, “The tenant has left a fair bit of mess and a whole lot of unused office

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Fighting property fraud: People and banks

06 November 2017

Fraud as an exception to indefeasibility of title can only be applied if the fraud can be assessed as either originating from the bank or the result of an action, or lack of action, by the bank.


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Help, I’m selling a business: Employee entitlements

01 November 2017

When selling your business, one of the key negotiation points that are often overlooked are employees, and what this might cost you down the track at settlement time.  Failing to understand your legal position and negotiating

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Property zoning: All you need to know

25 October 2017

Buying property can be confusing and fraught with unpleasant surprises for even the seasoned investor. One part of every contract that causes

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Reforms to creditors voluntary liquidation

18 October 2017

Are you a creditor of a company?
Are you concerned that a company owing you money is not doing so well? Sarah owns a roller door company specialising in factory and shopping centre fit outs

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How Gen Ys can get into the property market

11 October 2017

Congratulations: you’re Gen Y! The generation where education is not free, health cover costs a bunch and everyone is telling you how unaffordable the housing market is. The Baby Boomers are keen to point the finger every time you eat smashed avocado, telling you that’s why you are locked out of the property market.


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Big win for small businesses: Unfair contract terms

04 October 2017

Since 12 November 2016, laws have been in place to protect small businesses from unfair terms across Australia.

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Eight points to consider when entering a commercial lease

27 September 2017

Entering into a commercial lease is a significant commitment for tenants and landlords alike. However, both heads will almost certainly clash when negotiating terms. Tenants will favour a lower amount of security deposit, multiple options

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How we helped a foreign property purchaser

20 September 2017

Understanding payable duties. Recently the DE team received the below query about additional duties for foreign property purchasers

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Directors: When insolvency knocks, protect yourself

13 September 2017

Josh is the sole director of a plumbing company that has hit hard times. Josh is understandably worried about his liability as a director should the company be deemed insolvent.

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