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‘Foreign’ until proven otherwise: Capital gains tax withholding clearance certificate

21 June 2017

As of 1 July 2017, all Purchasers of real estate entering into a Contract of Sale with a market value of $750,000 or more must withhold 12.5% of the purchase

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What is a guarantee and are you sure you want to sign it?

15 June 2017

A guarantee is a binding promise by a third party (‘guarantor’) to pay some debt or perform some act or duty owed by the debtor. In other words, the guarantor is liable to a creditor for the obligations of a debtor. If the debtor defaults and cannot repay the

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RSVP: How to effectively respond to letters of demand

08 June 2017

If a creditor believes you owe money and you have not paid, chances are the creditor will want to recover the money and in doing so, may serve you with a letter of demand or Magistrates’

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When off-the-plan doesn’t go to plan: Part 2 of 2

01 June 2017

Don’t be left in the dark: Know your sunset clause 

Carrie has been saving for her deposit for several years, determined this is the year she will purchase a property in Melbourne. As a potential first home owner, Carrie is excited about the stamp duty savings and first home owner grant now available to her when buying an apartment off the plan. She visited an estate agency and was instantly dazzled  by the beautiful

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When off the plan doesn’t go to plan: Part 1 of 2

24 May 2017

Plan of Subdivision: Know your boundaries

A Purchaser client contacted me recently after being notified that his property lot had been amended, resulting in a decrease in size. My client was surprised and but more so disappointed to learn of this change; he was not aware that a plan of subdivision (Plan) can be amended after the Contract of Sale has been signed.


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Left out of a Will? Claim what’s rightfully yours

18 May 2017

Dealing with a death of a friend or family member is one of the most difficult challenges with which we are inevitably faced. Often this difficult time can be compounded by disputes that arise about the management and distribution of the deceased person’s affairs, assets and liabilities

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Did you know Melbourne has 17 new suburbs?

10 May 2017

In a bid to boost housing affordability for Victorians, the state Government has planned seventeen (17) new suburbs across Melbourne’s key growth zones. These new suburbs will provide 100,000 lots over the next  two (2) years.

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Property investor? Important news about stamp duty concessions between spouses

05 May 2017

Act before June 30 to review or restructure your investments.

The State of Victoria recently announced a suite of housing law reforms in the May 2017-2018 budget.

From 1st July 2017, there will no longer be a stamp duty exemption for the transfer of properties between spouses for investment properties


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“Y” is it so hard to buy a house?

01 May 2017

New Reforms to help GenY into property market.

There is a sentiment among GenYs that their predecessors had such a great time at Woodstock and riding the property boom, they failed to properly consider the financial impact it would cause their future offspring, resulting in the current market lock-out.

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Hey Government! Help buy me a house?

27 April 2017

Housing Affordability Reforms offering a unique Co-Purchase deal.

Housing affordability has been a hot topic across Victoria for many years and now the state Government is offering a unique co-purchasing arrangement under a pilot program called HomesVic.

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