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Renters Vs landlords: New tenancy laws

17 January 2018

Recently the Victorian Government announced an initial set of reforms that will take into account the changing nature of the rental market itself, and the needs and expectations

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Free yourself from debtors this new year

08 January 2018

The start of a new year is an excellent time to refresh your finances. Our team at DE have put together five tips that can help you free yourself

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A Christmas note from DE Directors Simon Exley and Steven Dangerfield

20 December 2017

Given Santa is almost at our respective doors, Simon and I would just like to say thank you to all those who have helped make and continue to make DE the work-place of choice for our loyal and talented staff, and the law firm of choice for our valued clients.

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Help! I’m a long-term tenant being told to vacate!

13 December 2017

Recently Dangerfield Exley Lawyers were contacted by a client who was served with a notice to vacate. Our client was a long term tenant and needed advice as to

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The future is here: Electronic contracts

06 December 2017

Australian companies are quickly embracing electronic and paperless transactions, and the legal industry is no exception.

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Builder obligations Vs consumer rights

29 November 2017

We recently had a client who came to Dangerfield Exley Lawyers with the below problem about the Builder’s Warranty

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Fencing dispute? Know your rights

22 November 2017

Recently a client contacted us concerned about how to erect a fence on the boundary line between their property and their neighbour’s

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Help, I’m a commercial landlord stuck with abandoned goods!

10 November 2017

A commercial landlord recently contacted us for help after his tenants left him with abandoned goods; saying, “The tenant has left a fair bit of mess and a whole lot of unused office

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Fighting property fraud: People and banks

06 November 2017

Fraud as an exception to indefeasibility of title can only be applied if the fraud can be assessed as either originating from the bank or the result of an action, or lack of action, by the bank.


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Help, I’m selling a business: Employee entitlements

01 November 2017

When selling your business, one of the key negotiation points that are often overlooked are employees, and what this might cost you down the track at settlement time.  Failing to understand your legal position and negotiating

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