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Finance Solutions

Finance solutions for all situations

First home buyers

DE Finance will ensure you secure the most competitive rates and all relevant grants and stamp duty concessions. What’s more, our in-house legal team will witness your loan, security and mortgage documents for free.


Let us review your current rates and structure to see if we can improve your bottom line immediately. DE Finance can either negotiate with your current bank – or help you move to a more competitive lender.

Upsizing or downsizing the family home

We can help you find the best agent, the right property and the most appropriate home loan. What’s more, our legal team will review your purchase contract before you sign – at no added cost to you.

Investment property purchases

We’ll show how you can use the equity in your home to purchase your first investment property or to expand your property portfolio. DE Finance can also offer to help optimise the structure of your property loans.


We’ll ensure your SMSF is compliant for your lending purposes. We can help you establish an SMSF, acquire a property, secure finance and ensure ongoing legal compliance.

Unlocking equity

As you’ve paid down your mortgage and the value of your property has increased, you’ve accumulated equity in your property. DE Finance can help you convert that equity into cash for a renovation, expansion, holiday or investment.

Overseas investors and migrant loans

If you’re based overseas, DE Finance can help you purchase a residential or commercial property in Melbourne. We can also help you obtain any legislative FIRB approval.

Commercial and residential property development

Are you considering a sub-division or rebuild on your current land? If so, we can support you at every step – from planning and building approvals to project finance.

Financial hardship and distressed mortgages

We can help you restructure or refinance your loans to minimise impact to you, your family and your assets. Take the time and space you need to recover and enjoy better times in the future.

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