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Combined Solutions

A complete property transaction service

Finance transactions without the frustrations

If you’re planning on buying or selling property, chances are you’re wondering where you will turn for both your legal, finance and insurance needs. If you intend to secure a loan through a regular broker or banker, stop because our collaborative team at DE offer a refreshing change – we make everything easy with our combined legal and finance solution.

An integrated, simplified and seamless solution

When you secure a loan through DE Finance, you can also engage DE Lawyers to manage the legal side of your property transaction. By having us handle all your legal and finance matters as one, you save time, avoid duplication and achieve a better outcome over the long term. Our combined legal and finance services approach will ensure you avoid these common mistakes:

  • Choosing the incorrect purchasing entity
  • Costly errors in loan documents due to poor attention to detail
  • Incurring settlement delays due to inexperienced bankers and brokers

What’s more, you’ll also have one point of contact for all aspects of your property transaction.

Free legal advice – valued at $1,500

Even if you don’t formally engage our legal team, you’ll still reap the rewards of our legal expertise – at no cost to you. For you, this means tangible savings up to the value of $1,500. That’s refreshing! We offer the following value-add legal services for complete peace of mind and legal protection when choosing the best finance option.

  • Review and witnessing of all your loan, mortgage and security documents
  • Fresh legal eyes on all your finance documents to help you avoid costly mistakes
  • Value-add advice to ensure all future taxation savings and benefits are realised
  • Liaison with your accountant and financial advisors on your behalf
  • Assurance that you’ll meet all contractual deadlines to avoid penalties or delays
  • Assisting you to obtain the best fit property insurance option for ultimate peace of mind.

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