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Take the first step to resolve any costly dispute or outstanding debt

24 June 2016

Outstanding debts and disputes

Do you or your business need legal advice for a property or commercial dispute? Are you seeking payment of an outstanding debt for this financial year? Could you be facing costly and uncertain court proceedings leading in to the next financial year?

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Is your bank not giving you the right answers?

08 August 2015

Consider the Financial Ombudsman Service as an alternative to court proceedings. If you have ever dealt with a financial services provider, whether to open a bank account, obtain a loan, manage your money or insure yourself, chances are you have probably had one or more isolated disputes with your bank. If you do find yourself in a gridlock with your bank, we can assist you to resolve the dispute either by liaising directly with the bank on your behalf, or by lodging a dispute on your behalf with the Financial Ombudsman Service (‘FOS’).

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Mediation: The what, why, who and how

26 June 2015

Mediation: It’s a popular word in legal circles, and can get you results – fast and economically. If you are faced with a commercial, property, contractual or financial dispute, and are wondering about or have been directed to consider the option of mediation, then read on.

What is mediation? Mediation is a process by which two or more people mutually agree to meet with an independent third party (a mediator) to discuss and negotiate options and potential solutions to their conflict. The mediator is often a trained and accredited expert in the subject matter of the dispute, and has the skills and industry knowledge to assist the people to reach a satisfactory agreement with a view to ultimately avoiding the courtroom.

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“Have you got debtors? If so, we have solutions…”

15 May 2015

As any business owner knows and has experienced, the process of recovering debts can be convoluted, time-consuming and expensive. At Dangerfield Exley Lawyers, we have extensive experience in debt recovery and have assisted countless clients in successfully recovering monies owing, thereby allowing them to finalise outstanding accounts with minimal fuss and delay. If you have debtors not paying or co-operating, consider the options below.

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Don’t be so demanding! Guidelines to letters of demand

10 April 2015

Are you owed money from a debtor or have you recently received a letter of demand? Here is a brief overview of what is involved in and required when preparing a letter of demand:

What is a letter of demand?
A letter of demand is sent to a person or an organisation who owes money (a debtor) following the supply of goods or services. The letters informs the debt of the outstanding amount and warns that court action will occur to recover the debt if it is not paid within a certain timeframe.

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Avoiding the courtroom is easier than you think

17 February 2015

Do you need legal advice for a property or commercial dispute? Are you seeking payment of a debt? Could you be facing costly and uncertain court proceedings?


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