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Help, I’m buying a business: Due diligence

23 August 2017

One of the most pivotal considerations when purchasing a business is to conduct your due diligence before you sign the contract. When *Ally considered purchasing a business earlier this year

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Seven Law Reforms Property Investors and First-Home Buyers Need to Know

19 April 2017

The State of Victoria recently announced a suite of housing affordability reforms aimed to help more people enter the property market. Some of these reforms can assist GenYs into the market, and others are welcome news to Australians living in residential areas.  At DE we enjoy keeping you informed of new reforms so you are aware of all help that is on offer. Ensure you know about:


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Is It Time to Get Yourself into A Fix?

01 December 2016

Is now the right time to switch to a fixed-rate mortgage? Moving to a fixed-rate mortgage is something worth considering, especially as long-term bond rates (i.e. debt markets) continue to rise. Banks are increasing their fixed rates, while easing the discounts given on variable rate loans. Most economists are suggesting that rates have bottomed out. Has the time come for you to get yourself into a fix?

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Don’t handcuff your lifestyle! Budgeting Tips for your Lending needs

13 October 2016

A vital part of any plan that incorporates debt is to have an understanding of what you can comfortably afford in order to pay the bank once your living expenses are settled. After all, no one wants to be enslaved to their mortgage or their bank, so don’t handcuff your lifestyle needlessly!

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Financial Considerations for Property Buyers

29 September 2016

Spring is here and what better time than now to consider an entry into property ownership. However, before you jump the gun, we recommend you cover a few basics to consider all financial, legal, and practical issues to ensure not only peace of mind but also certainty in your decision. After all, preparation is key.

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Fixed rates vs variables rates – looming interest rate rises means getting it right now!

20 July 2015

Ask yourself the following:

  • Have we reached the bottom of the interest rate cycle?
  • Do you know the pros and cons of fixed & variable rates?
  • When is the right time to fix your interest rates?
  • Should you split your loan into both Fixed and Variable for flexibility and certainty?
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3 simple reasons to turn to DE Finance for your next loan

10 December 2014

If you’re planning on buying or selling property in the New Year, chances are you’re starting to consider where you will turn for finance. But if you intend to engage a regular broker or private banker, keep reading. Because the team at DE Finance can offer so much more!


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Choosing finance checklist for property buyers

17 July 2014

Before choosing a loan, we recommend you review our essential 9-point checklist. It will help you ensure you have considered all issues from a practical and legal perspective.

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3 reasons to seek legal advice when choosing a loan

30 April 2014

Before you engage a typical broker, consider Dangerfield Exley Finance Pty Ltd to secure your next loan. As lawyers and qualified credit advisors, you receive value-add legal advice every step of the way.

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