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The Dangerfield Exley difference

There’s nothing like personality, integrity and a refreshing approach

Dangerfield Exley Lawyers was founded in 2003 by law school friends, Steven Dangerfield and Simon Exley. Although Steven and Simon didn’t stay in touch after graduation, they met again one night by chance. While catching up, they soon recognised the potential of their shared vision and values – and their complementary skillsets.

Within six months, Dangerfield Exley Lawyers was born. Today, Steven, Simon and their close-knit team service clients with that same value-system that first united them – one based on integrity, personality combined with a refreshing approach that gets results.

‘Unlimited legal access’

Unlike traditional firms, we don’t charge according to the clock for our combined legal and finance services including Property & Commercial Law, Probate & Estate matters, Finance & Insurance.

We quote fixed fees upfront – and won’t surprise you with any extra fees at invoice time. This means every phone call, every email and every meeting is included in this fixed fee. We work on your matter until you’re satisfied – no matter how long it takes. We call it ‘unlimited legal access’. And we believe every client deserves it.

We’re never too busy for you

Waiting indefinitely for urgent legal advice can be agonising. That’s why we aim to never keep you waiting. We answer calls, reply to emails and happily meet you in person on short notice.  If we can’t advise you instantly, we always respond within 24 hours, although in most cases much sooner. Our promise is to always be available, our directors routinely give out their mobile phone numbers with a sincere invitation to ‘never hold back’.

You’ll actually enjoy doing business with us

Many people assume that dealing with lawyers is tedious, draining – and often intimidating. Although this stereotype may ring true elsewhere, it doesn’t here. Our clients tell us how refreshingly different we are. They love that we have personality and we’re not afraid to show it. So although facing legal issues is sometimes inherently unpleasant, our friendly and refreshing approach aims to lighten any burden.

We strongly believe in doing the right thing

We strive to deliver the right outcome for you – with conviction. When they teamed up, Steven Dangerfield and Simon Exley shared a vision: to provide practical legal solutions with the utmost integrity. Our firm was founded on this steadfast moral code – and it remains at the heart of how we operate today.

We create solutions

At DE Lawyers, we resolve your legal matters efficiently. We find effective solutions without creating unnecessary issues. Every staff member is encouraged and empowered to be proactive, and embrace responsibility with a ‘can do’ attitude. And that’s not by chance. We have created our enviable culture by being very specific about the personality types we recruit – and by giving our staff the trust and autonomy they deserve.

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If you’re looking for approachable, energetic lawyers who do business with a refreshing approach, call Dangerfield Exley Lawyers in Melbourne on 13 20 33.

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A refreshing approach that gets results.
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